A Nice Place To Live!





-    Supports an atmosphere of neighborhood solidarity to fight crime.

-    Hosts neighborhood gatherings with refreshments to promote neighborhood fellowship.

-    Promotes improving the appearance of the neighborhood.

-    Contracts for snow removal on behalf of all Brendonshire residences on Hawthorne, Hedgerow, 54th Place and 52nd Place.






Dues structure:


-    $50 per year if you live on Hawthorne Drive, Hedgerow Drive, 54th Place, or 52nd Place (the $50 includes snow removal)

-    $15 per year if you live on either Arlington Avenue or 56th Street (the $15 does NOT include snow removal because the city plows Arlington Avenue and 56th Street).



Dues are to be paid by January 31 of each calendar year. If you have not already paid for the current year, please do so!




Please make your check payable to “Brendonshire Civic Association” and send your check to:




William Arnold, BCA Treasurer


5459 Hedgerow Drive


Indianapolis IN 46226




Or, you can pay via PayPal!


$50 Street Address & Name: (snow plowing by Brendonshire contractors)


$15 Street Address & Name: (snow plowing by the City of Indianapolis)



Neighborhood Restrictions and Covenants

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Updated January 9, 2015